Kenny Tudrick is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer from Detroit, Michigan. He is the owner and operator of the Black River House, home to his recording studio and record label, Black River House Records. In between his own releases he plays drums for The Detroit Cobras. 

   Kenny started playing drums at age 7 and playing guitar shortly after. He booked a gig for his first band, Bulldog, at his grade school at age 9. He played out with many bands during high school but didn't know if being a musician was going to be a career choice. Having the opportunity to play with his local heroes, The Colors, had a profound influence on him. He watched as the best musicians he knew studied for the bar exam and thought perhaps he should find work and see if he could "make it in the real world." His path seemed to be laid out already but he questioned it. Beginning his soul search, Kenny took a job in Oklahoma and from there was transfered to South Dakota. At age 17 he was assembling old school cable antennae atop farmhouses and living alone in a hotel room among a vast and desolate winter landscape with only his guitar. He developed his songwriting and playing skills, went back to Detroit with clarity and purpose as his career in music chose him. 

   Being a native of Motown gave his music an R&B backbone effortlessly derived from his classic influences like Otis Redding but with the energy, tenacity and approach of Pete Townshend. Ready Steady No! was a self- released album in 2001 with his mod band The Numbers. It's a tip of the hat to this Northern Soul influence which also displayed his own definitive writing style. 

   Kenny played drums for Rocket 455 and replaced Jack White on guitar in The Go with whom he recorded one album. It was also around this time he played on the Electric Six album Fire. He recorded three albums with The Detroit Cobras- Seven Easy Pieces, Baby and Tied and True. There were other rock bands he played with until putting together his band Bulldog with his friend, Ed Harsh, long-time member of the The Black Crowes. Bulldog was an American, Detroit country rock and roll, Lennon and Faces-influenced band which displayed his natural tendency to write hip-shaking rock songs and beautiful ballads. They released an album in 2006. In early 2012, he played drums on the self-titled King Tuff release on Sub Pop records. 

   In the spring and summer of 2012, Kenny wrote, recorded and produced his debut self-titled album, a double LP in which he played nearly every instrument. At that time, Kenny was newly sober and moving forward with aspirations to have a unique recording studio from which he could make and release music on his own label. He bought a country home on the Black River and dubbed his studio The Black River House. In 2014, he recorded and released two songs on a cassingle. Church Hill Downs and Fairgrounds which were later released on 7" vinyl on Jett Plastic Records. In early 2017,  Kenny recorded and produced Todd Albright's Detroit Twelve String Blues and Rags released on Third Man Records. Also, in 2017, he played drums on the album Chills and Fever by Samantha Fish and toured the rest of the year in support of it.

   While on tour with The Detroit Cobras in 2019, Black River House Records partnered with Italy-based Wild Honey Records and put out a European release, limited run of the 7" vinyl Detroit Cobras/ Kenny Tudrick split single. Black River House Records released it in the U.S. when the band got home from the tour. The Detroit Cobras' "Stay Down" and Kenny Tudrick's "Lightning Byrd" were written, recorded and produced by Kenny at The Black River House.

    "Make It Through" is the latest single release from Kenny  as of July 24, 2020. The psychedelic sounds of the song are steeped in ambient harmonies and soaring guitars. The Moon-esque drumming leaves the listener with a glimpse of his mastery of the instrument. Let us all be as reflective and optimistic in this unusual and trying time in history.

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