Make It Through

Kenny Tudrick

"MAKE IT THROUGH", the new single from multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter Kenny Tudrick, was written during these strange and isolated times. We're all looking for the right words to help each other along through various changes while adapting to unforeseen circumstances and "Make It Through" is an apt mantra. Kenny keeps up the tradition of American artists who were influenced by the British Invasion during the 60s and 70s while still keeping true to their raw traditional roots, e.g. The Byrds, Big Star. The song sets the tone for a cosmic rock and roll journey of reflective optimism. Kenny plays soaring drum fills to accompany his sonic guitar sounds and canorous vocals. "Make It Through" should help us along while he's in the studio this summer. Keep your ears peeled this fall for Kenny's first full length album since his debut, self-titled double LP in 2012.
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Stay Down b/w Lightning Byrd

The Detroit Cobras/ Kenny Tudrick

The Detroit Cobras' "Stay Down" b/w Kenny Tudrick's "Lightning Byrd" is the first release from Black River House Records.
Both songs, written and recorded by long-time drummer Kenny Tudrick, are greasy, shakin'-in-your-boots groovers!

Detroit Cobras pride themselves on finding obscure b-side gems and making them exciting for new generations. This new source material arrives straight from their own long-time drummer, Kenny Tudrick, who wrote, produced, performed on and recorded the songs. He has been the drummer of the band since the early days, but he also has a solo career as an artist and producer. Playing and rearranging those forgotten rock’n’roll, r'n'b and soul songs for all these years, absorbing their feeling and groove, highly influenced his songwriting.

"Stay Down" is a groover, a spaghetti western influenced song originally written from a drum beat and vocals. "As soon as the song hit me I ran to the drums. I knew it was a Cobras tune" Kenny says, "Band even thought it was an obscure old song when I presented it to them"

"'Lightning Byrd' had a similar approach in the writing, and it felt like the perfect flipside. As Jerry Wexler would say, I concentrated on the 'impact scenario', when the needle drops on the record"

Both tracks are the first to come out of the Black River House recording studio, personally built by Kenny and his friend, Al Sutton over two painstaking years. They refurbished an old RCA tube console by hand, similar to the one that was used in Sun Studios. This release is the first of many to come from The Black River House and on his new label, Black River House Records.

The Detroit Cobras "Stay Down"
Rachel Nagy- Vocals
Mary Restrepo- Guitar
Kenny Tudrick- Drums - Backing Vocals
Steve Nawara- Lead Guitar
Dale Wilson- Bass Guitar
Additional backing vocals by Drea Duchene

Kenny Tudrick "Lightning Byrd"
Kenny Tudrick- Vocals and all instruments
Drea Duchene- Backing vocals

All songs written, recorded and produced by Kenny Tudrick
Mixed by Kenny Tudrick and John Smerek at the Black River House
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